Crafstmanship during Covid-19

The impossibility to continue our social life, the abandonment of the rat race which we were used to, and the forced isolation had also brought a significant turn in the world of fashion. 
Covid-19 certainly made us up-end our lives, leaving very deep wounds but also great teachings.

Craftsmanship has proved to be our lifeline in this panorama where all of us were alone without any contact and with distrust and fear of others. It remade that contact between people and objects which were lost because of industrial production.

The handmade effect consists of finding the contact between people through objects: a handmade object brings with itself the love and the passion of who created it, going to establish a human relationship between craftsman and customer.

Despite the cost is higher, handicrafts are real and actual magic tools, unique in their form, in their finishing, going beyond the present time. They don’t respect particular temporary trends, they’re eternal beauties that make us feel unique every time we see them, we touch them, and we wear them.

For this reason, we in BAEMI want to contribute to the building of this special relationship, making you know these craftsmen through their stories, their places, their passions, and getting you into this world made of passion and care.
Craftsmanship is not only about manufacture: it’s about work, unicity, elegance, care, love… timeless.