The value of artisanal work

Human rights and respect for the environment are just some of the goals that the global society of the 21st century has set itself to improve the world in which we live. All of us find ourselves becoming increasingly sensitive and aware of these noble themes, of which the spread of slow fashion is proof.

Slow fashion respects the environment, workers and, no less, consumers.
Green garments of the highest quality always beautiful and original fill our closets, allowing all of us to express our personality and our style, proud to have contributed to the protection of our planet and manifesting our uniqueness.

Undoubtedly, we can include in this category the artisanal fashion in which we find all the values that slow fashion brings with it: respect for the environment, workers’ rights and, above all, consumer protection.

Especially in Italy, the leather of which our articles are composed is obtained from the scraps of the meat chain transforming them into precious fashion garments.

Their production takes place in small magical workshops where every little detail is taken care of by a wise hand, with the love and dedication that only an artist can give.
Often these workshops are family-run, in which all the secrets of the trade are handed down from parent to child, transferring all the love and passion that distinguishes these artisans in our articles.

Sustainability concerns not only the environment but also human rights.
Artisanal products help consumers to improve the world in which we live, without giving up fashion but making it elegant and eternally beautiful.