Walking through....Florence

Through art, traditions and good food let us taste the true Italian essence.Let yourself be accompanied on this walk to discover the wonders of this city in a day and its artisans. 

Once to Santa Maria Novella station you can find in front of us, we already have the wonderful Basilica of Santa Maria Novella where inside we can admire many important works from the Renaissance. But if we want to go shopping, we can reach the most important market in the city: the San Lorenzo market, which starts from Piazza San Lorenzo to Via dell’Ariento. Here you can find many leather goods, turning around to San Lorenzo Church, in the historic center of Florence.

Let’s now move to the Cathedral of Florence, dating back to the thirteenth century: the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Famous for the Brunelleschi’s dome, is one of the most important works of Italian artistic heritage that manages every time to enchant its spectators. On the right of the Duomo, let us be surprised by the 84.70 meters high of Giotto’s bell tower, which is the main representation of the Florentine Gothic architecture of the fourteenth century.

In front of the Duomo, however, we find one of the oldest churches in the city: the Baptistery of San Giovanni, entirely covered with green and white marble slabs. Where on the inside we can admire the precious mosaic of the dome.  Let’s now head towards Via de’ Calzaioli, where there are shops of all kinds, to reach Piazza della Signoria with the fountain of Neptune in the center. This square once housed the houses and towers of the factions of the Guelphs and Ghibellines, destroyed when the Ghibellines lost the battle against the Guelphs. From that moment on, it was called a “cursed ground” on which it was forbidden to build.  


Close to here, we can admire the most famous works of the world as well as Botticelli’s Venus. Exactly, we’re at Uffizi!

Once filled our eyes with so much beauty, we can now let ourselves be surprised by Ponte Vecchio: one of the most beloved symbols of Florence and the oldest bridge of the Tuscan capital. The peculiarity of this bridge are the enchanting goldsmiths’ workshops built in overhang on the river, as if they were falling into the water.

From here we can move to Palazzo Pitti, one of the most elegant buildings in Florence that hosts one of the most important and fashionable events in the city: Pitti Immagine. Passing behind Palazzo Pitti, we can relax in the green lung of the city: the Boboli Gardens, an authentic monumental park. For antiques, however, can't miss to visit Borgo Ognissanti, Via de’ Fossi and Via Maggio, from which we can move to the surrounding area of Oltrano where we can immerse ourselves in small and traditional craft workshops ranging from shoes to jewelry.

Florence is a city that involves every person from every corner of the world. The Florentines are committed to carrying on their history and traditions, of which our artisans Pierotucci, Peroni, Falar and Nico Giani are proof.