Walking through...Naples

Pizza, babà, mozzarella: a city to be eaten!
Of course, we’re talking about Naples.
Between each other, let’s find out how many things we can see in a day in this beautiful city!

We start from the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. In Naples, you will find churches in every corner, but the Cathedral is really special! A real jewel of architectural art with the union of many styles, from Gothic to Baroque. Every year in this church takes place the rite of dissolution of the blood of San Gennaro, a very important Neapolitan tradition.

Not far from here you can discover the particular Via Duomo which houses 7 museums and where you can go shopping, especially for wedding dresses, but also boutiques or leather shops.
Let’s venture now through the streets of the center of Naples heading towards the Old Polyclinic and have fun in the narrow streets. Notice everything around you, Naples hides amazing details!
In the Polyclinic area, you will find some bookstalls and plenty of good places to eat, as in the rest of the city!

Passing now through Via dei Tribunali and allowing ourselves to be distracted by the many restaurants and pastry shops, we go towards Via dei Presepi Napoletani. In this narrow alley, you will find many craft shops where religious figurines are sold and for the Christmas crib that characterize it.

We now arrived at Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, where there are two wonderful churches very different from each other: the Basilica of Santa Chiara and the Church of Gesù Nuovo.
A few steps from here you will find Via Benedetto Croce, Via San Biagio dei Librai and Via Mezzocannone where you can enjoy the most characteristic shopping thanks to the many souvenir shops and objects that reproduce typical characters such as Pulcinella, the lucky horn and much more.
Among these streets, you will also find artisan clothing shops and local gastronomic products such as handmade pasta, limoncello, sweets and mozzarella.

Now we continue towards Piazza Dante where there is the imposing statue of the great poet Dante. From here we can walk along Via Toledo, one of the main streets of the city overlooked by the famous Spanish districts with their many artisan shops.

Crossing Port'Alba, one of the ancient gates of the city, and continuing along the way, we will find ourselves in front of the first pizzeria in the world: the Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba.

In Via Toledo we could also dedicate ourselves to shopping and, towards the end of the street, we will find the historic and elegant Galleria Umberto I, where you will be accompanied by numerous shops, bars and restaurants that are the setting for this majestic gallery.

Once the street is finished, we can finally reach Piazza del Plebiscito: one of the largest squares in Italy, not to be missed illuminated at night and overlooked by the Royal Palace and the National Library.

If you want to do some shopping you can’t miss a few steps from here Via Chiaia, Via dei Mille and Via Filangieri where you can indulge with their many high fashion boutiques.

Returning back, we can continue towards Castel Nuovo, also known as Maschio Angiolino. This castle dates back to the Middle Ages and has hosted people like Petrarca, Giotto and Boccaccio.

For a more original and adventurous tour, you can’t miss Naples Underground! At 40 meters deep, it is a mirror of Naples formed by a network of tunnels, used in the past for different purposes and is an integral part of its history.

Relax now in the streets of Naples and be enchanted by the seafront at night.