Walking through...Venice

Elegant, romantic, spectacular… Venice is definitely the most unique city in the world, famous for its Carnival and canals, but not only...
Passing through its famous canals, the city of Venice offers so much to its visitors. Let’s start this tour and try to find out as many things as possible.

The first thing to see is the Rialto Bridge: built in 1588, it was the only bridge that crossed the Grand Canal and is one of the main monuments of Venice. A few steps from here you will find the Rialto market where you can taste and buy the typical flavors of Venice.

We reach Piazza San Marco passing through Le Mercerie, the main shopping street of Venice that connects these two attractions and it’s full of boutiques, shops and very curious shops.
Now we can admire the San Marco Cathedral that with its imposing facade and its turrets dominates the entire square, leaving us puzzled.
Under the arcades of Piazza San Marco, there are also the most prestigious jewelers that embellish this square even more.


Next to the immense Piazza San Marco, stands the Palazzo Ducale built in 1442 and is the main example of Venetian Gothic and one of the best architectural works of Renaissance art. This palace was also the seat of the government of the Maritime Republic of Venice.
In front of the Palazzo Ducale, towards the gondola dock, we find the Bridge of Sighs entirely built with white stone. Despite its name evoking a certain romanticism, it is actually derived from the prisoners who walked it from court to prison, sighing aware that this would be the last time they would see it before they were executed.  

Obviously, we can not miss the crossing of the Grand Canal by gondola, taxi or vaporetto to immerse ourselves in the Venetian culture and admire the city from an absolutely original perspective. The channel in fact divides the island in two parts drawing a S-path.

If you have time left, I suggest you move to the island of Murano for the famous blown glass objects and the island of Burano for the wonderful articles of linen and lace, the two main traditions of Venice.
The particularity and uniqueness of the city of Venice is reflected in all its traditions and in the artists who live there, as demonstrated by the unique and original style of Terrida artisans.

Be enchanted and amazed by this timeless city so spectacular that you feel in love throughout your stay.