Boldrini Selleria

Tuscany, Italy

Boldrini Selleria was founded in Tuscany in 1955 when Scandiano Boldrini opened a small handbag business in a small town that still holds a scent of leather from the close-by-tanneries. With his team of skilled craftsmen, Scandiano created products of outstanding quality and value. A pursuit of excellence that has been handed down for generations. With Luca Boldrini, the son of Scandiano, the company is now engaged in projects of the future “That Taste of the Past” and keeps the tradition of the craftsman’s workshop alive. Every item is manufactured with the best traditional Tuscan methods, which turn into exclusive, and distinctive products, keeping up with the times and with the requirements of an ever-changing world, without ever compromising on their roots and the origin of the family. Carefully selected materials, vegetable-tanned leather and a 100% hand-made production carried out by highly qualified workers. This is the driving philosophy of the Boldrini Selleria production.

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