Tuscany, Italy

Capaf has been producing bags in its Scandicci headquarters since 1946 .The owner, Giuliano Bonechi, has followed in the footsteps of his founding father and with his wife Marina creates real unique pieces, strictly made in Italy. Tradition and innovation coexist within the company, making each product "timeless". The C.A.P.A.F’s name is an abbreviation of “Florentine Artistic Leather goods Artisan Creations”. The collections are thought, drawn and created completely inside the company.
In the first years of its history Capaf was principally producer of leather bags and then it became specialized in weaving natural materials but also other kind of materials. All bags are manufactured inside the company, using a few of external helps, to offer an exclusively Made in Italy product.
Wicker, raffia, twisted cotton, jute, wool and leather are the main materials of Capaf products. This is a company of many variations and evolutions of colors and shapes : wicker and leather buckets, braided bags with raffia, clutch bags with refined jewel-like closures are some of the brand's top models.
In the preparation of samples, Mr.Giuliano considers fashion tendencies for colours and materials, referring also to the wide archive of styles the factory has.
Collections are created to offer a creative, original and unusual product.



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