Le Moki

Lombardy, Italy

Le Moki Milano is a brand that interprets leather in producing bags, exclusively realized in Italy by wise hands, guardians of a handicraft’s world made of little, measured gestures full of tradition. Simple bags, but filled with personality, bags for every character, for every age and for every mood. Bags to keep ready for the day, for the next step, for the coming departure and return. Le Moki is born from Danilo, his friend Camilla Catania and his wife Sissi. Danilo Pelosi is the pulsating heart of Le Moki, is a young man from Puglia. Since he was a little boy he would be playing in his grandfather’s warehouse within hundreds of boxes filled with bags of all type, leather, color and manufacture. Le Moki, besides leather bags, is also passionate, tradition, friendship and courage. Le Moki has a unique knot that characterizes it, a knot that ties all of this together.




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