Nico Giani

Tuscany, Italy

Looking at Nico Giani’s collection you will immediately notice the freshness of light blue, the warmth of red, the splendor of gold, and the lightness of the chains which come together with the leather. Nico Giani’s bags are born from the eclectic mind of the designer Niccolò Giannini after an intense course and research done in Florence, Paris, and San Francisco. An imperfect bag that is perfect for the person that wears it. Shape and color come and play together, they make us think about the past. In the end, we will have something completely new, a bag which is looking to the future, right in our hands. Nico Giani’s products light the desire for originality, the past, and new shapes. The designer is supported by a young, ambitious, and united team that supports and develops the creative tasks, making Nico Giani’s emergent brand stay in continuous evolution, and famous in Europe, United States, the Middle East, and the Far East.



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