Plinio Visona'

Veneto, Italy

Plinio Visonà is a historic company of Italian leather goods, manufacturer of accessible luxury bags and accessories. A Venetian craftsmanship company, founded in 1959 and carried on by the second generation with the aim of innovating itby proving its origin. The founder, Plinio, master craftsman made every bag sewing by hand, in the 70’s. These items are well known all over the world for their uniqueness and beauty. The production is entirely Italy based, using Italian leather and manufacturing. These items are always essential and branded, such as the bamboo handle and the yellow color, the color that represents this company. Over the years, Plinio Visonà has created a business model that put the environment and the social aspects first, that inspires a sustainable development through targeted investments, constant attention to people to the production processes and to the impact on the environment. Sustainability is a fundamental value for Plinio Visonà.

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