Roberta Pieri

Tuscany, Italy

The Roberta Pieri brand was conceived and born from love. As children, brothers Maurizio and Claudio Nottoli sparkled with creative genius that was cultivated by their dynamic mother, Roberta Pieri. As young adults, the brothers wanted to create something exceptional to honor their mother's devotion to high quality fashion, with exceptional Italian craftsmanship at its foundation. 
This fashion philosophy was instilled in her sons, and as a result Maurizio and Claudio created work of art, handbags sculpted from the highest of standards with fiercely innovative designs. They then proudly launched their first own mono brand store in the city of Florence, Italy, less than a decade ago.
Today, Roberta Pieri designer handbags are celebrated in fashion centers around the globe. Roberta Pieri is indeed ‘Elegance In Simplicity’.
Starting from the idea of a functional "second bag", the brand values innovation in its product design, as it has expanded the collection with new multi-purpose and multi-sized bags - all handmade in Italy. The collection has expanded through use of new materials, production processes and technology. Whether its durability, light weight, style or function, Roberta Pieri now has bags to fit any purpose that still maintains the value of a quality handmade product. By fusing both worlds of artisan manufacturing and current technology, we want to create the new quality of Italian products suitable for a modern lifestyle and make Roberta Pieri an international must-have.

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