Veneto, Italy

In the beautiful setting of a timeless city like Venice, Terrida was born.
It’s the Sixties when the founders, Anna and Sergio, started the artisanal production of high-quality leather goods. Travel bags, suitcases, sports bags, and Golf bags are the center of their production.
In 1985 the management of the company was passed on to their children: Pierluigi and Monia. 
They grew up in an artisanal and creative environment, learning the job secrets and learning the importance of every detail to make luxury leather items. Their production grew and they started to create different kinds of bags, for everyone. Now tradition meets modern technology in casual timeless products, realized with excellent materials, 100% Made in Italy.
Every single item is elegantly made and refined with care for details.
Venice is a romantic and ancient city that inspires designers. Wearing a Terrida’s bag is like wearing a piece of this history.


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