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Positano is a bag with gold metal accessories. Made of viscose and cotton. The adoption of these special techno–raffia fabrics with an extremely natural texture and endowed with special flexibility and resistance. The exotic image of natural straw perfectly meets with the essential line of this range dedicated to the Oriental Mood and its beautiful natural parks. Gently granulated leather trimmings in black color.
100% Made in Italy
Fabric: Viscose – Cotton
Pocket: Cotton 
Trims: Calf
Height: 27 cm / 10,6 in
Width: 32 cm / 12,6 in
Depth: 20 cm / 7,9 in
Weight: 0,3 kg / 0,6 lb

Since 1945 Bonfanti bags bring us to the beautiful Italian beaches with their colors and their shapes.


From Lombardy, Italy

Italy, Amalfi, Positano. Bonfanti’s bags bring us to the beautiful Italian beaches with their colors and their shapes. A brand with a long tradition, established in 1945 when Ermogene and his wife Anita started their production in a small artisan laboratory specialized in the realization of briefcases and professional bags, in particular bags for workers to attach to bicycles.
An Italian family story which from generation to generation contributes to the growth of the company, without giving up its traditions. In the Nineties, they started participating in fairs and the third generation entered: Stefano, Andrea, and Anna. After a while the production shifted to the creation of women's bags, for travel and for daily use; today those products are still exported abroad. Constant research and tradition are the main values that distinguish these leather artisans; innovation and evolution make the Bonfanti brand big all over the world.


Our mission is to build a network of conscious customers and promote the sustainable development of small italian artisans all around the world.

We believe that craftsmanship combines love and labour, hands and hearts to create products that last over time and respect people and the planet.


We take our responsibilities very seriously. Our business is inspired by a sustainable approach, starting from the very core: our mission. Baemi is a simple idea, it’s born to support and promote the development of italian artisans all around the world. People innovation, responsible value chain, transparency, circularity and inclusive relationships with our stakeholders can be found in every step we make. We are proud of our business model. We want our customers to trust and be proud of our products, just like we are.


Baemi is your Bottega. The place where everything is original, the place where you can savor the art and the story of each craftsman. The pleasant browsing will be like a walk in the historic center of an Italian city, enter all the shops and find the accessory that suits you best.
Our suppliers are local businesses that have been selected based on rigorous standards of good working practices, gender equality, fair wages and health and safety measures.


Each bag is hand-sewn, each craftsman carries with him the values of the past and re-elaborates them without losing their essence. Commitment, product quality, authenticity and pride. The special feature of handicraft items is that they do not follow the temporary trends , they take inspiration from the past and make it wonderful for years to come.

Our sustainability plan is based on five pillars that reflect our commitment on the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development


Our mission is to promote the authenticity of Italian craftsmanship all around the globe.
How? While developing business innovation and digitalization of the small artisans, providing them the right resources and tools and allowing them to enhance their business.Sustainability requires disruptive innovation. And that’s the core of Baemi’s project.


We want our business to be 100% transparent and our customers to make informed decisions when buying our products. We want our customers to be fully aware of who produced their products, where does the leather come from and how they were crafted.We are proud of our business model and our short value chain and we want our customers to trust and be proud of our products, just like we are.


We are committed to develop impact measurements throughout our value chain and access every single step to make sure that we, our artisans and our artisans’ suppliers are aligned with our standards and values. We have a holistic view and we care about the planet as much as we care about the people. Our focus goes beyond the responsible sourcing of raw materials and animal welfare. We are very attentive to access the working practises and human rights of our artisans, making sure we can help to address some of the most pressing social global challenges: reducing inequalities and reaching gender equality, enabling a fairer and diverse community. Our suppliers are small local businesses with good working practices, fair wages, health and safety measures, and being 50/50 women.


Circular economy and waste management starts with preventing waste. That’s why Baemi focuses on developing a lean packaging, reduced as much as possible, while still ensuring the integrity of the product during shipment.

We also reduce waste while providing high quality and long-lasting products, in accordance with our slow-fashion approach. We believe that ensuring the durability of the products delivered is an essential obligation at the base of every sustainable business model.

Another contribution to the circular economy is made by our choice of packaging where this is not avoidable. Together with 100% FSC™ recycled cardboard boxes, we decided to choose Refibra ™ for our dust bags, a pioneering and revolutionary technology in the textile industry. Refibra ™ features the upcycling of pre-consumer cotton scraps from garment production and mixing with virgin wood pulp from sustainable forests. Nothing is treated as waste.


Inclusive relationships with our artisans and customers are essentials for reaching our goals.Our responsibility doesn’t stop with accessing our impact across the value chain, we want to drive the sustainable transition further, educating and engaging our stakeholders and being side by side with them.We guide our artisans to continuously improve the sustainability of their business and we support them at every stage with a dedicated sustainability consultant.We also educate our final customers with tips and suggestions to minimize the impact of the product usage and disposal.

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